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Carpet Cleaning We accept: 

The frequency with which you think you should clean carpets could be deceiving. Dirt and soil are easily seen on hard surfaces, but are hidden deep within carpets and rugs making it hard to judge whether they are dirty. However, the surface of these hidden dirt particles is extremely jagged and will rub against carpet fibers, tearing the strands of the fibers and causing the ultimate deterioration of your carpet. All this could be going on without you even knowing about it.

That's why FURNITURE CLEANING NEW YORK suggests that you vacuum your carpets and rugs frequently, to prevent dirt on the surface of your carpet from settling deeper within the pile. We also recommend you deep clean your carpet at least once a year to flush out the dirt and soil that has managed to make its way deeper into your carpet. We use only natural and non-toxic cleaning agents to restore the natural luster of your carpets.

For a Free Estimate call us at:  866-245-5687

We should also mention that carpet manufacturers are starting to require yearly professional cleanings as a requirement for their warranties.

We offer the following carpet cleaning services:

  • Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Shampoo Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Dry Compound Cleaning
  • Carpet Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Carpet Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Carpet Repair & Re-stretching
  • Carpeted Stairs & Hallways
  • No Harsh Chemicals Carpet Cleaning
  • Children & Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning
  • Hypo-Allergenic Carpet Cleaning
  • Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning
  • Scotchguard©


Our professional technicians specialize in 7 different methods of Carpet Cleaning:

  • Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo
  • Foams
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Absorbent Dry Compound
  • In-Plant Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction or 'Steam' Cleaning
This method is also known as "steam" cleaning, however, this is misleading because no steam is involved. A hot cleaning solution is sprayed through a pressurized apparatus at your carpet to help flush out the dirt and the soil. The dirty solution is immediately vacuumed up with a wet-vacuuming system. The vacuumed liquid is usually stored in a tank until it can be disposed of at a later time. This method provides your carpet with a thorough clean and can get the dirt and soil hidden deep within your carpet. Performing hot water extraction every 18 months is usually a term of your carpet's warranty. The downside of this method is that it requires a long time to dry and that the technician must be careful not to ove rwet the area.

Carpet Cleaning with Shampoo
In this method, rotating brushes agitate the carpet and infuse the carpet with liquid cleaning solutions. The solution is pushed into the carpet and agitated into foam. The foam dries with the dirt and soil encapsulated into the powdery particles. A strong suction vacuum is then used to remove the particles, dirt, and soil. The drying time for this method is fairly lengthy, but it is usually good for cleaning moderate to heavily soiled areas and also brightens colors and fluffs up carpet fibers. Technicians need to be careful not to over wet the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning with a Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo
As the name implies, this method uses the Hot Water Extraction method and Shampoo. This method is especially effective for cleaning highly soiled carpets, with heavy oil/soil build-up. The process has two steps:
  • Shampoo using rotary brush to loosen soil
  • Hot Water Extraction using water rather than detergent solution to remove shampoo

Carpet Cleaning with Foams
This method is very similar to shampooing in that it relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action to loosen the dirt and soil. However, the difference between the two methods is that the liquid cleaning product is whipped into foam and then applied to the carpet before the brushes contact the foam. The captured dirt and soil is then vacuumed up as in the shampooing method. This method is not as wet as shampooing and thus allows for faster drying times. However, because the foam is not as wet, the cleaning solution may not get as deep of a clean as the shampooing method.

Carpet Cleaning using Bonnet Cleaning
Bonnet cleaning is similar to shampooing in that it involves more liquid form of cleaning solution. Detergent solution is spritzed onto the carpet. An absorbent pad (bonnet) is attached to the bottom of a rotary machine and run over the carpet. The dirt and soil is attracted to the pad as the bonnet moves over the dirtied areas. When the bonnet gets dirty, it is replaced or washed and used to remove more dirt.

Carpet Cleaning with Absorbent Dry Compound
In this method, a dry cleaning compound (usually a powder that has been soaked with a solvent chemical) is sprinkled over the carpet. A rotating brush is then used to force the dry compound into the carpet to come in contact with the dirt and soil. When the compound dries, the dirt and soil is stuck to the dry compound and can subsequently be vacuumed up. Like the Bonnet method, this technique does a good job of cleaning the top 1/3 of the carpet and also has the advantage of drying extremely quickly. The key to performing this method efficiently is to have a strong vacuum suction that is able to remove all of the chemical and the dirt and soil. Chemical not completely removed can cause future damage to the carpet.

In-Plant Carpet Cleaning
This type of Carpet Cleaning is ideal for specialized cleaning of loose or valuable rugs. The
rugs are sent through a duster which extracts soil more effectively than routine vacuuming. They
are then washed and hung to dry in a controlled air environment.

The Firm may also offer special service for repair of valuable rugs, using special equipment.

For a Free Estimate call us at  866-245-5687

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